« I started playing Balkan music when I got to Santa Fe in 2008

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Much of their repertoire is assuredly get up and dance music, but they’re looking forward to tailoring it to the atmosphere of the old church at the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and East De Vargas Street. « I’ve been missing having some more quiet and intimate things, being able to be a little more expressive and interact with the audience a little more, » said Ungar, who teaches music at Salazar Elementary Schooland at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. »I started playing Balkan music when I got to Santa Fe in 2008. I had studied classical piano for a long time, and I decided not to go astray from that.

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« It kind of took off. It’s global, » said Arend. « It’s awesome. It has long been a gripe of mine that fans have insisted that it is necessary for clubs to have a 6ft+ centre midfielder amongst their ranks in order to succeed. I have fond memories of Vieira marauding around the pitch, kicking and tackling his way to victory. Similarly, I have mixed feelings about the greatness of Roy Keane, a ferocious opponent in the Red of Manchester but a leader and warrior in the green of Ireland.

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