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The Best Live Concerts I

A Musical Trip Down Memory LaneThis was so much fun! Putting this page together, I mean watching and listening to the live musical performances on video while remembering all those great shows, including many other concerts that didn’t make my top ten list.

I’ve seen so many excellent concerts by a wide variety of artists in all sorts of genres, so it was difficult to boil it down to ten favorite live moncler sale shows. And if you ask me tomorrow, some of my top ten picks might change. Or at moncler outlet woodbury least change order.

Kansas in Concert in a Small Club in South FloridaI listened to this band a lot in college, so I was happily surprised to see an ad in the paper one day, saying Kansas would be playing at a club in uk moncler sale West Palm Beach. This was in the early 90s when I was living in South Florida, where I could see any number of famous singers and bands in large venues. But it was a rare treat moncler sale outlet to enjoy one of my favorites live in a more intimate setting.

Well, I don’t remember the name of the club all these years later, but it couldn’t have held more than a few hundred people. I was able to walk right up to the stage it was a polite crowd, no pushing or shoving and get a close up look at these guys I’d never even seen a photo of before.

By then, Kansas’s moncler outlet online popularity had declined some, and they weren’t playing the larger arenas, but they sounded great! They were energetic and personable and visited with the small but enthusiastic crowd after the show.

They Have a Big and Rich SoundI uk moncler outlet knew just a couple of songs by these guys when I spontaneously decided to go see them in concert in Las Vegas in 2007 « Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy » and the popular ballad, « Lost in this Moment. » I’d seen John Rich moncler sale online on TV after he’d won a song writing award and found out he’d written a number of hits for other artists. So I knew I liked his music, whether he and Big Kenny were singing it or not. But best moncler jackets after the concert, I was a BIG Big Rich fan.

They put on an exciting, quality show, made even better by the fact that John and Kenny really seem to like each other. Kenny’s theatrics added a fun element to the performance, which was filled cheap moncler coats mens with both high energy, rockin’ tunes and ballads that included their awesome harmonies.

Phil Collins in Concert: a Surprise FavoriteI had always liked discount moncler jackets Phil Collins’ music well enough, but, still, I’d often moncler outlet sale find myself flipping stations, looking for something else when one of his songs would come on the moncler outlet prices radio. I got tired of his songs fairly quickly.

Until I saw him live, that is. Talk about an exciting concert, with several drummers, a horn section, cheap moncler jackets back up singers, and a great light show. The crowd was on its feet pretty much the entire time (which I remember being somewhere around three hours), from the front of the stadium to the back.

What a class act Phil Collins is. I haven’t listened to him much in a while, but I’d go see him in concert again in a heartbeat.

JT in Concert: Personable and on Perfect PitchI had loved James Taylor’s music for years before I ever saw him live. But I’d honestly expected his concert to be. well, a little boring, actually.

But, boy, was i wrong! James not only sounded perfect (not that I was listening for sour notes), but he was lively, funny, and engaged with the crowd. I saw him live twice, several years apart, and was equally as thrilled with his performance on both occasions. Honestly, I’ve seen famous rock and roll bands that, while fun on a recording, couldn’t hold a candle to JT live.

Quality Rock and RollThere’s a reason this band has been around since 1983.

Bon Jovi may have had the signature hair moncler outlet dos in the ’80s and beyond, but they’re not « just a hair band » and never were, if you ask me.

Like many of the other performers I’ve listed here, when you go to a moncler womens jackets Bon Jovi show, you see fans of all ages, from children to seniors, all singing along and dancing.

Bon Jovi Greatest Hits [The Ultimate Collection][2 CD Deluxe EdIt’s not often you find a band that’s been together for three decades (although another band on my list the Scorpions have been). Bon Jovi was formed in 1983 and survived the « hair band » era, after which many of their musical contemporaries disappeared. But not Jon and friends, who continued cranking out the tunes that are still popular today. Well. I like them, anyway. And they were really moncler online store fun live every time I saw them, which was at least three times.

The Best Metal Band EverOnce I heard « Rock You Like A Hurricane » for the first time, I was hooked. People would classify this band as « heavy metal, » which (before I really had a clue about what heavy metal was) conjured up images of sneering, leather clad rockers screaming into their microphones. To me, though, the Scorpion’s brand of rock was unique, tasteful, melodious and sexy, and it always made me want to sing along.

And the awesome Scorpions concert I saw isn’t on my top ten JUST because lead singer, Klaus Meine, gave me a rose during the show. (Although, that sure didn’t hurt!) I saw them in Florida back in the early 90s and loved every minute moncler usa of it. Hm, I wonder if they’re still touring these days. I would really like to see them again.

An American Classic in ConcertBilly Joel makes you feel like the audience is hanging out with him in his living room, even when he’s in a huge stadium. He’s so down to earth. And when he plays the « oldies, » which you know he’s played thousands of times, he sings and plays them like they’re new hits that he still enjoys.

Even when I saw him live (three times) in the ’90s, he was apologizing for no longer being able to hit some of the higher notes, but I thought he sounded great and still do. He puts his heart and soul and a lot of energy into his performances, and I find him so likable, which makes his shows even better.

Billy Joel Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 2Now, who doesn’t know « Piano Man »? Or « Just the Way You Are »? It seems like every moncler monclerdownjacket uk outlet year that I watch cheap moncler jackets mens American Idol cheap moncler jackets womens or some of these other singing competitions, they either have a Billy Joel night or someone is choosing to sing a Billy song for some other theme. And for good reason his music is timeless.

This album includes classics like « It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me, » « Allentown, » « Only the Good Die Young » and more, available in MP3, CD, cassette, or vinyl.

Live Neil is the Best NeilAs a moncler mens jackets kid in high school in the 80s, it wasn’t cool to like Neil Diamond. But I didn’t care. I was HUGE fan and watched « The Jazz Singer » at least a half dozen times. I listened to Neil way more than anyone on America’s Top 40 back then.

So I was really excited when my cheap moncler sale parents surprised me with tickets to a Neil Diamond concert. moncler outlet store And even though our seats were a good distance from the stage, his energy (and my binoculars) made me feel like I was in the front row. I could have cared less about being cool to my Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince loving friends (and I liked them too). I thought Neil was awesome!

So what if he wore a dorky, glittering jacket?

A Rare Eagles ConcertI saw this iconic band during their « Hell Freezes Over Tour. » (Melissa Ethridge was their opening act, by the way. I think she had her first single out at the time.) And if I’d have closed my eyes, I could have been listening to one of their CDs. They sounded live just like they did on their albums.

Now, some people might say that’s not such a great thing that they’d like to a see a band do something a little unusual with a song now and then and maybe jam for a while. But I was just so thrilled to see and hear the Eagles play their huge number of hits live, I didn’t care whether they played it like a CD box set. They played some of their lesser known songs too, and Glen Frey, Don Henley, and Joe Walsh performed some of their solo hits as well.

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